“5 More Hours, Please”

“I want to play this video game for five more hours.” This is the refrain of the person who wants to game, but he or she is not an addict. You might think, though, that this quote suggests an addictive behaviour.

You might picture someone sitting on a couch with Cheetos stained fingers. In the other hand, the person clutches a frosty Big Gulp, sporting a pronounced couch groove and sunless skin. This couch potato description might be true in some cases, but one should not assume this about people who play video games. One should not store negative imagery about gamers in one’s head and drew upon these images at will.

Instead, I see the plea to play for five more hours  as an acknowledgment that video games are wonderful and engrossing. They are so wonderful that one wants to spend more time with them to enjoy everything they offer.

However, it’s probably not very wise to stop everything and play for five straight hours. Don’t stop living your life and loving others. Find a responsible way to make time for games.



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6 responses to ““5 More Hours, Please”

  1. I myself found it strange that millennials get flak for playing too much videogames, yet its socially acceptable to watch TV for four or five hours a day…

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  2. Usually, if I’m playing games for something other than review, I reserve set times to do so, generally doing my best to not go over. When I was younger, I could do the 5 more hours thing, but now I have to set those hours and will be lucky to get more! That said, video games are engrossing, and that’s a great thing for fans!

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  3. I agree. As an adult I do wish for more time to play games, much like I wish for more time to read the ever-growing pile of books on my nightstand. But like Mr. Panda, I have scheduled in times for things so I can get my “fix” as it were, but I don’t usually have the luxury of reading or gaming all night anymore. And as I get older, all-nighters are harder and harder to pull off!! 🙂

    I’m actually going to be talking about why video games make us happy in the next few weeks, so I’m so excited that you brought this up!

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