Video Games Titles in Victorian Style

I was thinking about the long-winded Victorian era novels titles I’ve seen. I also saw long treatise titles, from centuries ago, appear in library catalogue searches while I was in university. These experiences informed this post.


1. In which the player leaves his hometown, travels on horseback on an epic quest to retrieve, with keen interest, the stolen sword of Gammalot, defeat the hideous fire-breathing dragon and rescue the allegedly fairest damsel in distress.

2. In which a mustachioed plumbing tradesman, along with his brother and mushroom friends, travel into a fantasy world full of evil, fanged henchmen, while cleaning coal out of clogged pipes and with a particular focus on saving an honourable princess.

3. Ladies and gentlemen, for your consideration, the developers, of this particular piece of interactive game displayed on an electronic device designed for watching, invite you, if you so desire, to partake in amusing yourself, your friends and family by playing Carnival Games.

What would your list of video game titles done in Victorian style look like?


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9 responses to “Video Games Titles in Victorian Style

  1. LightningEllen

    Ladies and Gentlemen, this game maker’s heartless marketing department made the developers rush through the creation of this adventure to starting turning a profit sooner, while you can buy this physical copy now, you will have to endure a initial day patch download to fix all the flaws that were left uncorrected.

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  2. A tale in which mutated woodland creatures defeat the machinations of moustachioed industrialist.

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  3. In which a young man or woman from any origin may partake in an ancient ritual, before uniting a previously divided nation under the banner of the true king and henceforth saving the world from a demon in dragon form.

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  4. To be honest, I’ve never read a Victorian novel in my life, but since I really like your challenge…

    1. In which a shameless mortal laughs into the faces of jealous gods and undertakes an endeavour amongst ruins of an ancient polis to carve a path into immortality and omnipotence with his insatiable battle-axe.

    2. In which a horde of Scandinavian rodents attempts to defy the stereotype and alter the destiny of their species by surviving a perilous journey to the promised land of plenty.

    3. In which a band of His Majesty’s valiant soldiers tries to save their sanity by discovering macabresque humour on the blood-soaked battlefields of lush jungle, barren wasteland, and frigid tundra.

    And what if we did it the other way around? Let’s try to turn overly long game titles into something more laconic and precise, like renaming I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream into A.I. Purgatory (yup, I know it sounds a bit sloppy).

    Another idea is making those bland combat sims more poetic. Instead of boring titles like Combat Air Patrol, I’d really like to see something like Wotan’s Archangels of Retribution (if it’s about the WWII-era German Luftwaffe) or Winged Crusaders of Liberty (if it’s about their U.S. American counterpart).

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