Urge to Play Video Games… Rising

Something’s slowly cooking away in the oven.

Urge to play rising.

Rainy day, no one’s around and I finished everything I had to do.

Urge to play rising.

Stuck in a crowded subway train with nothing to do, nothing to read and barely any space to breathe.

Urge to play rising.

When do you feel the urge to play video games?


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6 responses to “Urge to Play Video Games… Rising

  1. The Otaku Judge

    When I wake up in the morning, but it subsides when I fall asleep in the evening.

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  2. When I finish a game and know my next “to play” game is waiting to be explored…

    Also, at first, I thought you meant you had an urge to play Metal Gear Rising and I was about to fangirl at you about the Metal Gear series, but then I understood what you meant haha. Time for this AmbiGamer to take a nap… or maybe pop in a video game!

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  3. LightningEllen

    All the time! Sadly, I never have time to actually do so.

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