If Video Games Were Illegal

What would you do?


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38 responses to “If Video Games Were Illegal

  1. Huh…. Solid question…. What’s the punishment?

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  2. I’d be a criminal lol. It’s hard for me to envision my life without video games. More than being a release from reality, many of my best friends I have met through video games. They live in other parts of the world so we would never have connected otherwise. Great question!

    -Luna šŸ™‚

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  3. Well, I’d become a digital drug dealer! In such scenario, downloading games, whether original or pirated, would be very dangerous, so I’d be meeting hungry gamers in some shady alley and selling them 15 DVDs with the latest Bethesda game.
    Actually, some of my school friends earned lots of cash doing it back in the early 2000’s when Internet was so slow that you had to rely on pirated copies.

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  4. Stick to portable systems like Gameboy or Switch and probably play single player games and not connect to Internet as to not arouse suspicion…

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  5. Iā€™d run a secret underground gaming club where games could meet in secret like a speakeasy during American prohibition! Then Iā€™d end up running a secret ring of programmers making games, tech guys making consoles/PCs and other underground gaming dens! You know as anyone would

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  6. I”d have a criminal enterprise for sure! It’s so fun being bad in games! lol

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  7. If video games were illegal I’d probably be more productive in life. I’m always playing games when I should be doing something else. lol

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  8. LightningEllen

    Become the Video Game Bandit šŸ™‚

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  9. I’d get rid of all of my games as fast as I could.At some point,I’d probably protest In favor of legalizing them again.

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  10. Video games? Illegal? If you wanted ppl to stop playing just add mandatory lootboxes to everything XD.
    Buuutttt if they were illegal id work with the people who made them illegal to make it legal again lol work with the system…or tear it down.

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  11. I would probably keep a portable console hidden somewhere and play it when no one is around. I can imagine myself lying in a room, with doors closed and curtains drawn, removing a hidden Game Boy and playing Wario Land 3 while listening out to hear if anyone is around. It would be like being a kid, hiding under their blankets while clandestinely playing a new game on the latest Game Boy late at night.
    It would be interesting to see what the illegal game market would resemble. Whether it would be like Victorian opium dens, with men lying on beds in ramshackle rooms, their glazed eyes watching a screen while their hands used a controller for a PlayStation 4. Or if players would have to go to an innocent looking house and pay someone to be led to a room to play Super Mario Odyssey for an hour. Alternatively, players would enter a dilapidated building to met a dealer, buy a new game and sit in the corner, playing a portable console.

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  12. The Otaku Judge

    Sometimes I feel video games are illegal, given all the censorship they suffer. Australia also seems to like banning them too. If games disappeared I guess I would fall back on my other hobbies such as reading and anime.

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  13. Well with all of that free time, I guess I would study law or become a researcher, then spend my life advocating for their legality and benefits haha. That’s almost like what I do now; running a blog, only with life-threatening stakes.

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  14. If videogames were illegal, I’d move to plan B. Board Games.

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    • That’s a common reply. I’d hate to do this, but what if I told you board games were illegal too?


      • You mine as well ask, “What if sports were illegal?” There’s always a way to find a form of fun competition.

        In any case, that’s not going to happen, at least not with abstract strategy board games anyway. I’d love to see what bullshit excuse one could come up with for banning Go. “This game is banned because it encourages people to leave!”

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  15. I would complain all of the time, literally every chance I got. Then never actually do anything to solve the problem, living the rest of my life grumpy, complaining and watching TV.

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