Video Games That Rock The Night Away

What is your favourite video game to play during the holidays?


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16 responses to “Video Games That Rock The Night Away

  1. 1-2 Switch was good, but Civic Doodle was an absolutely killer this year.

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  2. Overcooked was my favourite game this Christmas. The controls are easy to learn, which is great as most of my family don’t play games and it is a local co-op game. Its crazy, stressful (in a good way) fun.

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  3. Tetris was the go-to for the family’s pass-the-controller play, but I always play Metal Gear Solid 2 around the holidays for a long and boring reason haha

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  4. Sid Meir’s Civilization. Such a relaxing game.

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  5. LightningEllen

    Diddy Kong Racing or Banjo Kazooie 🙂 So many childhood memories!

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  6. The Otaku Judge

    Back in 2016 I celebrated the new year by donning my headset and singing, whilst very drunk, on Overwatch.

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