Staring at a Blank Screen That’s Staring Back at You

The sheer whiteness of it all nearly blinded me. I mean the screen that was staring at me, taunting me and daring me to get started. The screen was blank for now, but it needed to be filled. Did the blankness, in the interim, say something about me, about my inability to start a new journey? Did it reflect some personal vacuousness? Why could I not get started?


“Oh thank goodness! I never thought this game would move beyond the loading screen.”


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2 responses to “Staring at a Blank Screen That’s Staring Back at You

  1. The hated screen was so confident, so smug at the beginning, but then it began to notice the smirk on my face and pure contempt in my eyes.
    “So”, I whisper “This is the famous progress you’re all so proud about. This is your Brave New World. World. Gigabytes of memory, powerful graphics cards, and loading a new level still takes longer than on my good old Amiga with 1MB Chip RAM and 720kb floppies.”
    “Pathetic” I mutter through clenched teeth. The screen’s glow slowly fades away, like it was ashamed of its own existence.

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