Your Highest Score Here

What was the highest score you ever achieved in a video game, and how did you get there?


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14 responses to “Your Highest Score Here

  1. I got 14 on Flappy Bird once.

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  2. LightningEllen

    Over 9,000!!! Sorry… 😁

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  3. Getting 25 million on Temple Run 2 😅

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  4. Once upon a time in New Nevada, my psychotic Courier killed Kay-sar, President Kimball and Mr House during one playthrough.
    Yes, I’m an achievement addict.

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    • I love achievements too. I don’t think a person who loves them needs to identify as an addict. I think achievements simply help me feel like I’ve accomplished much in a game. That makes me feel proud.

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      • Maybe addiction was a wrong word to describe it. Yes, an achievement system can make playing experience even more rewarding. My problem is that too often I stop enjoying the game itself, plot, characters, visuals, etc., because I’m obsessed with finding That One Collectible To Give Me 100% Score.

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        • Hmmm I see what you mean. I think I’ve been successful at avoiding that trap, but I have come close to falling prey to it. I try to pick games that are good, interesting to me and that have achievements I could reasonably unlock. This isn’t a rigid rule for me, but I do apply it to weed through all the many games I want to play. I need something to help narrow my choices.

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  5. The Otaku Judge

    I don’t know because I focus more on story/gameplay rather than cracking a leaderboard. The only time I was concerned about high scores was when I got a Gameboy. My dad, sister and I would compete to see who could clear the most lines.

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    • A unique response. To be honest, I don’t care very much about high scores either. I prefer a good story as well, but then again, there are many great games that don’t have much of a story. The civilization series is, for me, a great example of that.

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  6. I’m actually more of a completionist. I tried to get everything in the game so I don’t really focused on scores.

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