Welcome to the Future

What do you think the future of video games is and why? Where do you see yourself in that future?


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6 responses to “Welcome to the Future

  1. It is sad to say but micro transactions and loot boxes are going to be the thing of video games for a while. The companies realize that no matter what they do or how much they charge there will always be those people who purchase them. I hope the days of when you purchase the game you get the complete game. But I feel like those days will never come.

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  2. I am a big fan of PS2 games. There are so many I have not played. It might take me several years to enjoy all of them. So I don’t think much about the future of video games.

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  3. Playing as many games as I can (the plight of all working adults!) 🙂

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  4. LightningEllen

    Forever battling the video game backlog monster… sigh.

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  5. x8Finity

    I think the best thing about videogames right now reside in the Indies Developper hands. From them, I still find amazing experience to play, and can relive the nostalgia of my youth while playing awesome new worlds.

    They do offers the most diverses and elegant experiences I play right now. Be it Hollow Knight or Axiom Verge, Steredenn or Sine Mora… or plenty of those little world that attracted me by their gravity pull.

    It may be sad that those world only live in the digital dimension without any physical release, as I love the contact of a disc or a cartridge (the 1000 Games sitting on the shelves behind me remind me that), but maybe one day, the price will drop, and it will be possible to Indie dev to Burn them on Chrome.

    At least they exist, and I can still see a glitter of shine in big company sometime, that release a magnificiwnt world that still resonate with me. Maybe Horizon Zero Dawn, maybe Metro Exodus… maybe…

    I think that this is the future, and it is not as bleak as some think of it. It is different.

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