This Game’s Getting on My Nerves

What do you think is the most annoying trend in video games and why?



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9 responses to “This Game’s Getting on My Nerves

  1. I wish I had a good one for this… I would think loot boxes would be high on many people’s list even if I avoid them so they don’t annoy me too terribly much!

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  2. Not a trend as such, but the tendency of major publishers to pursue whatever the current hotness is rather than attempting to create it. AAA lacks the innovation that is present in indie gaming.

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  3. Developers/publishers releasing a game that is a mess at launch and then hoping to fix it with patches. Also, games that have betas literally two weeks before they are set to launch.

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  4. Games set during World War One or Two where you fight as a Yank or Brit only. OK, big developer companies, which part of WORLD war don’t you understand?

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  5. gameguideindex

    I personally think there are too many “open world”-games. I can enjoy them but thinking back my favorite games has usually been more linear games with solid stories and fun gameplay.

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  6. Sony’s censorship crusade, ever since their HQ moved to California pisses me off. According to them murdering people in games is okay, but they ban things like boobs jiggling.

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  7. The fact that the seemingly dominant genre for the foreseeable future is that of the ‘Battle Royale’. Not really a trend, more of a shift in genre popularity, but nonetheless annoying.

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  8. Honesty, and I’m not trying to start any kind of battle in the comments section, the most annoying part of video games is easily the fans. I’m currently playing and loving Fallout 76 but the amount of absolute hatred that is spewed online for that game is unbelievable. Certain complaints are definately understandable but certain ones are not.

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