How to Fix a Broken Game

I bought a game the other day that was buggy. I don’t mean insects infested it, though there were some of these critters featured on the disc’s artwork. I mean some of the non-playable characters’ faces melted off — in a Raiders of the Lost Arkesque way — during normal conversations. I wish that was the only bug. I  also had a problem where diminutive elves looked like towering giants and towering giants looked like diminutive elves. It was madness! How could anyone release a game plagued by such problems?

I thought I could fix the game’s problems by myself. I took hours of coding classes. I took so many classes and studied so hard that I no longer saw 1 and 0’s on the screen; instead, I heard beautiful music and saw wonderful stories unfolding on the screen. But I still couldn’t figure out how to fix the problems.

I though about writing a letter to the game developer to draw the problems to their attention, and have them use their skills to fix them. But I thought they wouldn’t listen to a lone voice crying out in the wilderness. I thought it would be better to rally others to my cause, so I started a petition to get the game banned. But I still wanted to play it and thought someone should fix it for the world to enjoy.

Then I realized how to fix the game. I picked up the cracked disc, taped it back together again, and it’s been working ever since. Thanks, Scotch Tape!

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