You’re Stuck in the Past, Man!

Meena: “I heard you like video games.”

Jake: “I love video games! Playing them is my favourite hobby.”

Meena: “What kinds do you play?”

Jake: “I only play games made before 1991.”

Meena raised one eyebrow and tilted her head.

Meena: “Why?”

Jake scratched his head.

Meena: “I’ve heard there are some classic games made before 1990. But have you even considered trying some newer games?”

Jake: “I… uh…”

Jake screwed up his face. His lips mouthed words, yet he now uttered nothing intelligible.

Meena went home. She slammed the door behind her so hard that a porcelain vase, which was close to the door, shook and fell to the ground, shattering into hundreds of tiny pieces. While Meena fell asleep at home, Jake was still standing there; his bubbling lips still trying to form words.


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3 responses to “You’re Stuck in the Past, Man!

  1. Maybe Jake should start hanging out with his friend, nice-a, instead.


  2. Unfortunately, I think I resemble Jake in this story. I have recently realised that the newest game I own is about 10 years old and I have been playing the games on the NES Classic Mini, all of which were released before 1991.
    What made you think of this story?

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    • Sometimes titles come to me while I’m doing a chore. I think this title came to me when I was thinking about a classic Simpsons episode. Then I wrote a story based on the title.

      The first thing that came to mind was something related to “retro” games. I wrote and the story flowed. I know a lot of gaming blogs are dedicated to “retro” games. I didn’t mean to pick on them: there’s no shame in loving old games, and I love them too. Maybe it was intended to be a little provocative.

      I think also my writing is inspired by what I’ve experienced and what I’ve read. I’m sure that found its way into what I wrote.

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