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“Play Your Age!”

One day, I might look like a wrinkled prune, but I will still feel young. I wont use expensive creams. No doctor will touch my face. Plastic surgery and cosmetic treatment aren’t options. Instead, video games will keep me feeling young. I’ll play to blow off steam. I’ll play to clear my mind of silly problems. I’ll play to enjoy life. And I believe playing will help me enjoy aging, even if I became a wrinkled prune.

Some of us may think playing is immature. Of course, as children we played for years of our life and learned a great deal about the world this way. Then we stopped. Perhaps we felt silly still playing as “mature grown ups”. Perhaps others laughed at us when they saw us. Or perhaps we stopped because society seemed to expect more of adults. But why can’t we continue to play as adults or even as seniors?

I don’t care if other people laugh; I will keep playing as an old, grey senior. Sure, I’ll help grandkids and family, if I have any. I’ll still volunteer, care for others and be responsible. I will also still make time for video games.

I’ll make time for video games because they help me keep a child-like joie de vivre, which I think is essential for getting through life. Video games combine fun and creativity with the playtime of my childhood years. Whenever I start a new game, I feel joy despite the world’s best efforts to sometimes bring me down. So the calendar may flip fast and wrinkles may crease my skin, but I will feel young forever.


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I Love Her More Than Ever

Picture an old man, wrinkled like a dried prune, standing only because of his cane. The neighbourhood kids run to the old man’s front lawn. “Hey mister”, they say, “will you come play video games with us?” “Humph! Games are just for you kids,” replied the old man. He slammed the door, walked away and mumbled something about “more important matters.”

I’ll never be like that old man. Video games are so much fun that I will play them even with grey hair, and my love will remain constant. Yet it took me some time to fall in love with video games.

I love video gamesWhen I was kid, video games were low on my list of interests. I’m sure sugar rushes and running around were higher priorities. There were plenty of things that also grabbed my attention. I had GI Joes to collect, sports to play, knees to scrape, friends to see, bikes to ride, stories to read and school. It seems like there was not a minute left for games.

I found time to play the NES as a kid, but I did not fall in love with games at that point. In those days, you might have seen my avatar walking in circles and dying often. These deaths pulled me out of the game and made it hard to fall in love. Also, when I played NES, I didn’t find many other enthusiastic gamers. The NES was my big brother’s console, and he was not patient enough to explain how to play most of his games. I occasionally played with friends and parents, but they might only join me when they had nothing else to do.

My family didn’t have any special feelings for video games. Growing up, I didn’t always have the latest console or all the latest games. You see, in my family, a new console was a luxury reserved for a special event. In all my childish wisdom, I thought a new console was as major an investment as, say, a car. I always felt games were beyond my piggy bank budget too.

Then, in 2006, I got an Xbox 360 and fell in love with games. It stopped being all about me. My love affair with games blossomed.

I think there were a couple of reasons why I fell in love with games in my twenties. I’m mature now. At least I think so. I mean, mature enough to sit still, to manage my time and to appreciate art, music and good stories. At the same time, I feel like games have matured or at least improved. Games like Mass Effect 2 told engrossing stories that I hadn’t experienced before. Games like Journey even made me reconsider what makes multiplayer and voice chat. Most of all, games are a great way to have fun and keep a child-like joie de vivre as an adult.

So you’ll find me in the old folks home, rocking in my chair, playing games.


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