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Ice Cold Play, Warm Summer’s Day

It’s been a long and busy week.

Well, life is often stressful, and I play games to relax. I find it cathartic to explore strange worlds and fly spaceships in games after a hard day. Lying on the couch or chair, I forget I’m even there as I become one with the game. The stress melts away like ice cubes placed outside on a hot summer day.

Games allow me to escape from the boredom of everyday life. Good games are fun, they draw me in, and they take me to foreign worlds on budget prices. They let me complete goals that would otherwise go unfulfilled, like driving a tank, meeting aliens or socializing with zombies. Rest assured, I am fully trained in the techniques of zombie hospitality should they appear.

I’m just having too much fun and I’m too mellow to care about silly problems.


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