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We’re Always Moving Forward

And there’s never enough time to play all the video games in my collection. They sit there collecting dust while I dream of playing them, but that’s about it.

Then there’s always bright, shiny new games being dangled in front of our eyes like kitschy Christmas ornaments. They make it tough to resist temptation and remain faithful to our original promises to, say, Samus. If only there was another way.

But today’s our lucky day: a dump truck just unloaded a ton of free time on our front lawns–or apartment floor (No, I don’t know how it got up there). This means you could put aside the new games for a time and look at your collection or buy an old game.  What old games–from any generation–would love to play now if you had the time?

For me, I’d love to play and finish the Metroid Prime trilogy, but I might talk more about that in a future post.


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