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Video Games in Everyday Life

Our hero woke up and hopped out of bed, just like a bunny high on caffeine. But he crashed back down to Earth when he realized he couldn’t find his stuff. He needed that stuff to start his day.

Like Nathan Drake, he decided to hunt down this missing treasure — only he was looking for a majestic tooth-brush and a pair of enchanted Mickey Mouse socks. Yes, his world was far less exciting than Drake’s. The tooth-brush was, in fact, sitting in the toilet bowl. The silken socks were fluttering on the fire escape railing and nearly flew away before he pounced on  them like a cat on a  plump bird.

Standing on the fire escape, he peered down and noticed a mess on the street. Someone overturned his garbage can and his refuse, including the obligatory banana peel, lay naked in the street for all to see. How embarrassing! Sly Cooper, that anthropomorphic raccoon, must have tipped over his bin again. Everyone else’s bin was fine; Sly had chosen our hero’s collection just to cause extra irritation.

Oh, well, our hero got on with his day.  He opened the fridge, opened his mouth and began to suck everything out of it like Kirby might. In the end, his belly was pink, bloated, and his body resembled a big puff-ball. Ah, “life is good,” he said.


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