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What If My Neighbours Were Video Game Characters?

We can’t change some things. They say death and taxes are certain. They say the early bird gets the worm. They say in life you can’t choose your neighbours. What if you could choose which video game characters were your neighbours?

I suppose I could use some sense of security in my neighbourhood. I find myself pale with fear when I consider the scary state of the of the world. To conquer this fear, I’ll build a massive fort replete with everything I need to protect myself. Then I’ll invite Master Chief to live next door to me and be my neighbourhood commander. He’ll keep me safe and his loyalty will make me feel as warm as a giant comforter. Of course, friendship is more important than security and super cyborgs, so I’d want friendly neighbours too.

Mario would make a great neighbour. He’s happy-go-lucky, has lots of nice friends and lots of great stories. Plus I could always use a good plumber in case a pipe explodes and my place floods. I’d like to have an inclusive neighbourhood, though, and that means I’d welcome the “good,” like Mario, and the “bad.”

They say to keep your friends close and your enemies even closer. Maybe, then, I’d invite Bowser to stay next door. He could cement alliances with other bad guys and keep them off my block for good.

I suppose I might have to turn Mario over to Bowser, but it would be a small price to pay for the security, right? No! What am I saying?

I think I got a bit carried away customizing my neighbours. Instead of playing this game, I’ll be grateful for the neighbours I have. I’ll love them no matter who they are.



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