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A Warning from the Future

Some mysterious person sent me this strange email, and I thought you should read it.

I bring grave news from the future. In the year 2032 new video game technology will reduce all of humanity to brain-dead zombies. No one will resist it. Nothing can prevent this future.

People will bask in the warm glow of this technology all day and everyday. They will treat the screen like a helpless baby and never take their eyes off it. These poor zombies will see their eyes sink back into their heads until they look like prehistoric cavemen.

Don’t blame us; the technology was very impressive. It dwarfed any of the current virtual reality products that you know about. In fact, we marveled at how this new tech made the virtual world indistinguishable from reality. Games and life became the same thing. The lines were blurred.

After the blurry lines, it was a short descent into madness for the human race. It was also a short descent down into the Earth’s caves. In the caves, we sat in front of screens all day and played video games until we couldn’t see straight. Some people tried to escape, but few made it. No one could avert their eyes from the shiny allure of the screen.

I too fell victim to this technology. I sat in a cave for days, as if someone had crazy glued me to the seat, and watched images flicker on the screen. My future seemed bleak. The cave had swallowed me up.

One day a wise woman named Sophia broke into the cave. No one seemed to notice her except me. I moved away from the screen, which I had never done before and talked to her.

“You still have some life in you,” she said. As she looked at my pale face, she spoke again, “You might still know the truth when you see it.”

She grabbed me by the arm and took me to a long ladder behind the screen. Light bathed the glittering ladder. But where was the light coming from?

As we climbed the ladder in a plodding fashion, I saw a crouched person behind the screen. He was flipping switches to control every game we played. He controlled us like puppets all along. My face and hands burned with such a fiery rage that I almost melted the wooden ladder with my anger.

When outside, the sun shone so bright it almost blinded me. My muscles were still too weak to move. It hurt but I was free.

I finally saw the source of the light: a huge golden orb that shone in the sky. The orb represented the good that I had traded in for the coldness of the cave.

“Now you know the truth,” said the old woman, “they deceived you.”

And now you know the truth too. Beware the technology of 2032.

Meh! I thought the email was a spammy scare tactic. I deleted it.

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