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Hate to Play with Strangers Online? Take a Journey

Journey multiplayerPretend your head is a block of cheese. Let’s make it American cheese because I know most of my audience hails from there.

Don’t ask scientific questions about how this occurred; just imagine. I’m sure you can pretend because you’re not empty-headed.

Now imagine you go online to play games with strangers. What’s the experience like? Well, sometimes it feels like strangers grate on your cheddar nerves. And they scream while they grate to terrorize your ears. But you didn’t ask for that treatment.

When you go online, you may want to blow up zombies’ empty heads and set fire to their corpses. But your fellow zombie terminator might have more fun setting you on fire. You don’t need this kind of behaviour. You also don’t want to listen to people who screech like fingernails on a chalkboard.

So I think you should look up Journey. But be careful if you search for it online because you could get some unintended results. Ignore all the search results about life fulfilling exercises, maximizing your potential and so on. This is a game.

In Journey, you slide down desert dunes and fly to reach a mountain. Along the way, you sometimes run into a stranger who wants to soar and sail with you in the wind.

Journey also has tons of strangers who don’t want to help you. The good news is they aren’t essential. They pop into existence and disappear without so much as a wave goodbye. You can avoid all conversation with them.

Just like life, relationships wither and people disappear in Journey. They reach a higher plane. Or maybe they go to an eternal void.

But when you find someone who sticks around to play, the game’s co-op will light up your eyes with delight. You’ll find yourself marveling at the game’s beauty with someone else. Then, when it looks like you’re both done for, you’ll pass through the unknown without saying a word.

Some games urge you to talk to your partner, but Journey leaves you mute. Sure, you can blurt out foreign characters and sounds above your head. These character may not mean much, yet they still can bind you close to other player.

Like in life, sometimes you hardly speak a word to friends and family, and they can still understand you. They might share the same hopes and dream as they embark on the journey of life.


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