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Halo: Reach Jorge’s Death and Why I Like This Game

Halo: Reach Jorge's Death

I’ve got to tell you how I came to like Halo: Reach and Jorge’s death.

Keep in mind that there are spoilers ahead.


Steam spewed out of my ears and my face turned beet red. I became incensed when my Xbox 360 got the three red rings and died last summer.

I vowed not to buy anything from Microsoft again. I refused to buy Halo: Reach when it came out in September 2010. “It’ll just be more of the same; that series doesn’t need more games,” I told myself.

But cracks started to appear in the fortress that was my resolve. And like a weak-willed addict, I just couldn’t fight the incessant cravings any more.

So I gave in and rented the game. Continue reading

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