5 Halloween Video Game Ideas: Now with 100% Less Zombies

Halloween Video GamesThey’re in books, movies and games. They are even shuffling down your street in hordes.

Zombies will take over the world.

I think it’s time for a change. I want to play some games that have these five awesome monsters.

1. Mummies

No, I don’t mean your mummy; I mean the Egyptian guys and gals wrapped in bandages.

I can see it now.

A sand storm blows through a dead desert. Nathan Drake – covered in sand – slowly drifts through the hazy storm in search of a pyramid.

Drake loves to plunder treasure.

He came all the way to Egypt to find a pharaoh’s long lost life savings. Yes, the plot does sound a lot like The Mummy movie.

Along the way, Drake could fight a mummy. After all, he’s fought monsters before. He also spent a lot of time in the sand during Uncharted 3.

So, I don’t think a mummy is out of the question.

2. Werewolf

I think Sucker Punch could make a good werewolf game. The werewolf could wreak havoc in London during the 1860s.

Sucker Punch has experience making this kind of game. They know how to make games with moral choices and vampires. They also know how to make an open world in a city.

Their werewolf game could have moral choices too. Will you protect London’s citizens or kill them during a full moon?

3. Goblins

A good Spiderman game could star goblins as bad guys. You only have to plop the Green Goblin and the Hob Goblin in one story.

The Green Goblin sure has one interesting life. If presented properly, his tale could add emotional depth to a game.

4.  Loch Ness Monster

Sanzaru, the makers of Sly 4, could add this monster to a new Sly game.

Sly and the gang could travel to Scotland and steal some treasure that the Loch Ness monster is guarding. The whole episode could end in an epic boss battle.

5. Witches

I think Ken Levine, a game developer who worked on BioShock, could make a good witch game. He has said that he’s a history buff. Why not set the game during the Salem witch trials in America?

I’d love even more to see a Ken Levine game without guns.

Witches don’t need guns. They have all the magic powers they need.

Using magical powers instead of guns would be a refreshing change of pace.

So that’s all I could think of for this list. Happy Halloween!

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