Movies Invade Your Video Games! Uncharted 3 and 3 Blockbuster Movies

Uncharted 3 Movie References

Pictured: My cold germs. Don’t worry! You won’t get sick from reading this post.

So I was cold and clammy for a good part of Christmas. I spent a lot of time growing roots on the couch while watching the same old action movies.

Yep, I’m alive and thriving now.

Anyway, Uncharted 3 has a crush on some major movies and it’s got it bad. In my opinion, the game doesn’t try to hide it like a secret admirer; it’s all out in the open. You can see the love of Hollywood in its eyes.

Let’s take a closer look.

I’ll name the movies and explain the connection:

(1) Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

Nathan Drake gallantly gallops on a horse, shoots at armored trucks and tries to save Sully from the claws of vile henchmen. Do you remember that? Yeah you do. Come on, the desert setting looked sharp in HD.

Remind you at all of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade? Indy also rides on a horse to save his father from the “belly” of a WWI tank. Along the way, he gets by with a little help from his friends and gets into a fist fight. It all goes down in a desert like setting.

Say, didn’t Drake do something like that?

(2) The Mummy Franchise

If you’re terrified of bugs, you really don’t want to work on a Mummy movie. In The Mummy, scarabs are fond of swarming people and killing them.

Drake also has had some rough encounters with bugs. A black tidal wave of spiders almost drown Drake and Sully at one point. And, just so you know, these weren’t your ordinary house spiders. Drake stumbles upon the poor souls who became snacks for these spiders.

You’ll never look at our eight legged friends the same again.

(3) James Bond: The Living Daylights

Now, this is a cool scene.

As a cargo plane’s rear hatch opens, Bond clings to a net for dear life, dangles and looks like he’s about to fall. Worse yet, he’s got to fight some crazy Blonde bad guy named Necros, who looks suspiciously like Mr. Blonde from Perfect Dark.

Things don’t go well for Necros. He plummets to his death while screaming. Meanwhile, Bond climbs the net to get back inside the cargo plane.

Drake boards a cargo plane and gets into a fight with a huge bad guy. The plane’s rear door opens. Some cargo, covered with a yellow net, spill out along with Drake.

Drake shoots at bad guys, clings to life on the yellow net, and manages to climb the net to get back inside.

I’m going to finish my list there, though I could go on.

So I probably forgot something. What movies am I missing? Am I way off with the movies that I chose?

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