Amazing Games Aren’t Always Perfect and That’s O.K.

Video Games Aren't Perfect and That's O.K. Every now and then you see goofy things in really good games.

That’s not always a bad thing. Sometimes those moments can cause you to spray pop through your nose as you laugh out loud – or not. Other times it just takes you out of the experience.

These two games have some odd moments.

1. In Skyrim, giants wander the land and drag along deadly clubs to beat things to death.

You’d think that club would flatten you into a pancake. But sometimes the clubs send creatures hurtling into the air and flying far across the world.

I have to wonder: was this giant club thing meant as a joke? Maybe Bethesda thought their game could use a bit more humour and threw this in for a laugh. Skyrim is a kind of serious sword and sandal game. I mean, it has it’s own dragon language!

Sounds a bit funny doesn’t it? Well, that’s just only one of the strange things in this otherwise excellent game.

2. Uncharted 3

Naughty Dog makes games that look like you could play them on the silver screen. They did it again with Uncharted 3. The camera angles and set-pieces are worthy of Hollywood. How could the game get any better?

Well, Drake’s death scenes could use a little work. When he dies, everything – surprise – gets somber, but Drake’s corpse tends to fly and his limbs flail wildly. This goofy sight doesn’t really fit a game that looks as good as a blockbuster action movie.

What other amazing games have weird problems that mar your good time?

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