When I’m Old and Grey

When I'm Old and GreyNeon lights blind passers-by as they shine through the window on the house’s second floor.

Move inside and noise blasts hard enough to deafen anyone. The sounds of explosions almost knocks down pedestrians outside. A voice cuts through the noise, “How was that a critical hit?”

In the kitchen, two children sit while a young woman cooks dinner. Garlic and onions hit the pan, sizzle, jump and try to escape, but they settle down and release their special perfume. If the house had taste buds, its mouth would water.

The children ask, almost in unison, “Mom, what are all those lights and sounds upstairs?”

“Grandpa’s playing.” She rolled her eyes up and screwed up her lips as if some thought was developing in her mind. “Uh, I think they’re called video games and he’s playing them on a TV.”

“What are video games?” asked the little girl as she titled her head.

“What’s a TV?” asked the little boy with a squeaky voice.

“Oh, they’re old things people used to do for fun about 50 years ago.”

The children’s eyes grew wide and their mouths were agape – almost long enough for flies to buzz in – at this news.

“Wow! Did you say 50 years? That’s like a thousand years ago.”

The mother saw their earnest faces and smiled.

“Uh huh and he still plays them today,” the mother continued. “You know, you should run upstairs and let him show you.”

Their eyes sparkled like diamonds. The news excited them as if they had received both their Christmas and birthday gifts at once.

The children took off for upstairs. Their mother only saw a cloud of dust where they once sat. Now their feet made the second loudest sound in the house.

“Grandpa, Grandpa,” they yelled, “show us TV and video games.” Then they scurried into a room full of light and good cheer.

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