It Belongs in a Library

Steam salesI kissed my family goodbye, packed my bags with supplies and headed out in search of treasure.

I dug for hours in the scorching hot sun until sweat covered me. Then I found something shiny in the dirt. It was a tempting treasure, but no one goes on an adventure just to settle for the first bronze trinket they find. So I dug a little deeper.

At first I couldn’t believe my eyes. The resplendent surface of a gold nugget blinded me. Was this a desert mirage?

No, this was the real deal.

It was…

Alan Wake with a dramatic discount on Steam!

My First Steam Sale

It happened a while ago, but I’ll never forget it.

I saw Alan Wake priced at $29.99. Then the sale started and all hell broke loose when the game they slashed the game’s price to $14.99. I was so green back then, but I knew Steam could lower the cost even more.

And Steam did it.

It was like a genie granting my three wishes: cheap, cheaper, cheapest. The numbers changed faster than the cherry images on a slot machine. I blinked. The next thing I knew Alan Wake was in my library and probably reading one of his books.

So my journey came to an end, and I returned to my family. The golden nugget lay safely in my library for my eyes only. But, hey, what do we have here on Steam? I should check this out. It can’t hurt for me to buy more…

Time for me to close Steam.


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