Help! I’m a Video Game Snail

video game snailVideo game snails are people who play games in a slow fashion.

Take a look at how I played Mass Effect 2. I started it in February and didn’t finish until a couple of months later. Yes, it’s a huge game, but I played through it at a snail’s pace.

I take my time playing games because life is busy. Family, friends, cooking, writing, reading, volunteering, biking, running, and all the other hobbies in my life take up time.

Other snails might have their own reasons for taking so much time to finish a game. Their interest in video games might wax and wane. They could be playing games for the first time. They might feel the need to collect everything and see the number “100%” pop up. Or maybe a pesky bird swooped down from the sky and tried to eat them. Who knows for sure?

But one thing is certain about snails: it takes them a while to cross the finish line in a game.

That’s One Fast Hedgehog!

Hedgehogs – like Sonic – are the opposite of snails. Hedgehogs race through the latest game so they can play the next one. They might finish video games, but they don’t stick around long after they’ve done everything.

Why are they so fast? I suspect hedgehogs want to play all the good games that come out during the year. Perhaps they crave variety to have fun.


So are you a snail or a hedgehog?



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20 responses to “Help! I’m a Video Game Snail

  1. I think I’m a snail. There’s a lot of games I’ve started that I haven’t finished (like Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days). I got close to finishing The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker once, and I mean final-dungeon-and-about-to-fight-sub-final-boss close. Then, one day when I stared up the game, it said that the memory card needed to be re-formatted, and I would lose all of my saved files. I haven’t played that game since.


  2. V

    Definitely a snail. 😀


  3. I’m, without a doubt, a video game snail! It takes me at least a couple months to finish a game, and open world/role playing games, it can take even longer! It’s not that I’m a completionist, but I just don’t have much time to play — maybe a couple hours over a weekend at most. I’ll admit to once being a bit jealous of the video game hedgehogs, but I relish my gaming time when I get it. It’s never something I take for granted.


  4. martianoddity

    I’m something in between. Usually I’m a snail, but occasionally I feel like a hedgehog. It depends on my mood 🙂


  5. nominated me for a Sunshine Award and I in turn was asked to nominate 10 other blogs, your one of those 10. Congratulations.


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  7. I think I’m both, I want to see EVERYTHING in the game, especially Mass Effect, I played it through about 7 times before I moved on, but I do this relatively quickly each time. Mass Effect 3 took 40 hours to complete on my last go, but I did it over the course of one weekend (insomnia for the win!). I try and get most of the achievements in a game because then it’s more likely I’ve seen everything the devs want me to see. 🙂

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