The word geek doesn’t describe me very well. I am a well-rounded guy with many interests who happens to love video games.

By geek, I mean someone who has an intense love and insider’s knowledge of an often stereotyped sub culture. That might include something like comic books or video games. Sometimes others tease geeks for their love of these hobbies.

If you fit that description, by all means call yourself a geek and act proud. I think that’s wonderful. Wear your pride on your shoulder like a badge for everyone to see, and you could start by writing a blog. hosts plenty of self-proclaimed geeks who love to blog about their hobbies.

I can handle it if some people lump me in with the self-proclaimed geeks. I wont cry. In fact, I have a good sense of humour. My problem has nothing to do with being teased: “geek” does not tell you everything about me.

I am a guy with a surname, occupation, place of residence, beliefs, and interests besides games. I love to write fiction and non fiction, to bike, volunteer and so on. Not even the word “gamer” can neatly encapsulate all of what makes me unique.

You might say that I am a well-rounded geek or a geek with many interests. But that puts me in a melting pot with tons of other faceless people.

I can’t stop you from calling me something, and I’m fine with that. But I’m a complex human being, and you should know “geek” doesn’t do me justice. Instead, call me Adam and then get to know me.


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  1. Get the feeling that ‘geek’ has become something different than what it once was? I see a lot of my friends yelling ‘geek power’ and it translates to being obsessed about video games, anime, comics, and the ‘traditional’ fringe hobbies. Yet, it’s simply that they love these things and lack the in-depth knowledge that you mention. I guess I wonder if that’s enough to be a geek or is that something else. Also if it really matters since they seem to be proud.


    • Yeah, I offered a really simple definition for the sake of having a discussion. But definitions can get you into plenty of trouble haha.

      I think the term “geek” has changed because many people are proud to describe themselves that way. The comment from Boy Danger rightfully points out that our current popular culture seems to make “geeks” look “cool.” I’m not really interested in describing myself as a geek though.


      • There’s that whole ‘Geek Chic’ thing too. So it’s kinda become a style trend. A definition for geek is someone with excessive enthusiasm about a certain subject or activity. So, is it possible to be a geek about geekiness? Either way, I think I’m blaming Big Bang Theory for some of this. Partially because I’m so tired of my friends saying Bazinga.


  2. I get the feeling that in some way geeks are supposed to be cool in our current culture, such as ‘geek sheek’ fashion or the popularity of shows like the Big Bang Theory. I’ve seen people use the Big Bang Theory’s popularity to say that geeks are now more accepted, but, isn’t the show a comedy BECAUSE we’re pretty much making fun of them? Also, I know what you mean about enjoying ‘geeky’ activities but not being obsessed with them enough to really be a geek. Such as, I enjoy playing video games, but in general I could care less about gamer culture or identifying myself as a ‘gamer’.


  3. Hi Adam, I like how you use words to make sentences. I think you have coined a phrase we can all embrace, the complex human being.


  4. I’m not really obsessed with video games, but I still like to refer to myself as both a geek and a nerd. Also, even though I probably don’t really apply for the title, I also like to think of myself as a bit of an otaku.

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