Time Traveling to Play Video Games

Super Mario Bros is a good game because you get to save a princess.

Mario goes on a journey to save her. He jumps so much and picks up shiny coins. Jumping and collecting coins is fun. Jumping on bad guys is also fun.

Sometimes Mario jumps, falls and disappears. Where did he go? Do you know? I don’t. Tell me. Come on!

Then he comes back and everything is great. I get to play the game again.

It looks so good. There are flying turtles and mushrooms. I wonder if they taste good? Does Mario cook them?

You have to move forward to reach the end of the world. Fireballs burn. Run! Run! I hid in a pipe for a moment to escape them.

Then I found the princess because my big brother helped me. Mario loves her and saves her from a bad guy. Do they get married?

This game is fun if you like to jump.

P.S. Time for my nap.

By Adam age 10?

Anyway, to write this post, I channeled my inner child. When that didn’t work, I traveled back in time with a certain device to write with my childhood self.

Nah, I tried to imagine how the ten-year old me would write a post about video games. You read the result, but I have no memory of how I wrote as a child. It’s a guess.

Have you ever tried to write like your childhood self? Did you ever write anything about video games as a child? Are you willing to share and embarrass — maybe — yourself?


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8 responses to “Time Traveling to Play Video Games

  1. “This game is fun if you like to jump.” The true meaning of the Mario universe has been found.

    Anyway, great post! I’ve never really thought about something like this before. It seems to be quite an interesting experiment. Even though I loved video games when I a kid (and I still love them), I never wrote anything about them. Actually, I wasn’t much of a writer at all back then. I pretty much hated everything to do with writing. I liked to read books, but I did not like to write. Probably a big factor of that was the fact that I was a terrible speller. I’m still not a great speller, but I’m better than I was. (Seriously, it took me FOREVER to learn how to spell “Tomorrow”.)

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    • Ha that was a cute story about “tomorrow.” Thanks for sharing. 🙂

      Yes, I can remember being a bad speller at one point too. Though that was because my vocabulary surpassed my spelling skills. I knew plenty of words but didn’t know how to put them together. That gap became obvious when I penned my first short story and proudly handed it to my mom. She had a hard time understanding it. 😀


  2. That was a cool writing experiment!

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  3. Cute post! I wrote a couple stories based off of Donkey Kong Country when I was a kid, haha!

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