Why I Love No Man’s Sky

For all I know it may not exist. I’ve never seen it, except only on someone else’s screen on the internet. It has no smell and It’s tasteless. Well, the developers seem to have good taste, but you can’t eat the game. Well, I guess you could bite a disc, assuming it’s not a digital download, but then you’d probably have some problems.

Argh! Remind me not to start a post with radical doubt. See what happens? Okay so I won’t doubt that the game exists.

So let’s talk about this game that (a) likely will excite me beyond belief, (b) definitely exists and (c) hopefully comes out on time.

Did you know No Man’s Sky is a procedurally generated game? Now, I learned what that means, but I can’t explain it as well as the developer. I also don’t care too much about how “procedurally generated” works.

After seeing a couple of trailers, though, I fell for this game. I loved flying spaceships in X Wing and Tie Fighter. I loved swimming and discovering life in Endless Ocean. And I just love exploring worlds in video games. I love that No Man’s Sky has spaceships, the chance to explore worlds, and swim in murky galactic seas.

I’ve hoped to find a great spaceship game. I mean, a game where you pilot a spaceship, dogfight with the enemy and dodge meaty asteroids before they flatten you into space marinara. I’m hoping to also roam the galaxy without objectives, just gazing at planets. A free ride.

The game also lets you land smoothly on a planet. I’ll want to explore different worlds on foot, no cookie cutter repeats, please. In other words, a gas giant with blue and black clouds need not apply with his twin brother–an identical giant with red and orange clouds.

I plan to inspect these worlds with an intergalactic magnifying glass. I’m hoping we’ll get to scan flora, fauna and fun creatures. The scanning process from the Metroid Prime series was fun and could be a nice aspect of No Man’s Sky too. However, I’d appreciate it even more if the developer created a novel approach to “scanning” these alien worlds. Of course, I’m hoping, if we catalog these planets, that some dangers will make it a challenging activity. Though they may not include scanning in No Man’s Sky at all. Just a thought.

Then I plan to dive underwater and catalog life there.Β Like floating in a swimming pool on a warm and sunny day, I could float in an ocean and watch foreign creatures swim. That sounds so relaxing. It will also be a nice change of pace from dog-fighting in space. Don’t forget how tense it will be to swim in poisonous oceans filled to the top with monstrous chimeras.

No Man’s Sky, for me, doesn’t need objectives. I already know what I’m going to do. I’m going to swim in endless alien oceans, explore vast swaths of territory, catalog all life if it kills me (ha!), and fly spaceships in loop-de-loops. I for one will find that refreshing, relaxing and fun. Do you?

Last one in space is a rotten Earth egg! (See, I’m sure they’re will be other kinds of eggs in the game).


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16 responses to “Why I Love No Man’s Sky

  1. drakulus23

    I think I’ll stick to Day Z. They’re pretty much identical and I have no reason to want that game right now. I’m keeping tabs on it though.


  2. I’ve never heard of this game before, which really isn’t very surprising when I think about it. Sounds like it’s going to be pretty cool, although, I’m not sure if it will be my type of game. I guess I’ll just have to wait and see!


  3. I’m 8eing veeery careful not to get too hyped a8out No Man’s Sky right now. I often hear it said that the wider the canvas, the more frustrating it can 8e when you lack the tools to creatively explore and affect it. I think I tend to agree with that notion.

    It’s likely that I’m just 8eing a pessimistic downer, though. I really want to get excited a8out this game 8ut… I just can’t, man!. ‘Cuz what if it sucks when it comes out =( What am I supposed to feel then?


    • I appreciate your cautious attitude towards the game and don’t think you’re being pessimistic. You’re being pretty reasonable.

      For me, however, this game has so many elements that I love all glued together. So even if it has multiple flaws, I’m confident I will still like it. It’s not often that I can set aside a game’s flaws, but I can do it if I love the main concept.

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