Did You Get the Wrong Gift?

When I was younger, I begged my dad for a SNES. I was a desperate citizen–of a household–pleading his case before a steel willed magistrate (read: my father). In support of my case, I said the console was cheaper than ever because it had been out for so long. Besides, my big brother wanted it too. If big brothers are good for anything, they’re good at adding supplementary premises in support of an argument for obtaining a new home entertainment system. Or so I thought.

Imagine my minor disappointment after unwrapping a new Sega Saturn on Christmas. Well, I didn’t complain after unwrapping such an expensive system.

Instead, I set-up the console downstairs and played Virtua Fighter for hours. It was fun. It just didn’t have the games that what I wanted.

Now, the Sega Saturn boasted great graphics for its time. It had some great games as I’m sure many of its most ardent fans will note. It was not a bad system, though it was later a commercial failure.

And my dad tried his best and did good research when he bought the Saturn. He thought it was a better gift than the SNES after a salesman boasted about Sega’s amazing new system. I imagine the salesman probably said, “SNES? The Sega Saturn is the wave of the future. Every kid wants it.” Well, that salesman was not much of a psychic.

You know, there are more important values in life than mere objects. One of these many values is appreciating what you have. Another is respect and love for others who care for us even when they make small mistakes, like my dad. A final is sharing your gifts with others, like I did when I played Saturn with my brother and friends.

Sometimes we don’t like what life offers us at first. But look closer. You could have a neglected gift that brings happiness to both you and others. Sometimes you just have to be thankful and grateful for the gifts you’re given.


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9 responses to “Did You Get the Wrong Gift?

  1. Never really looked into what went wrong with Sega and its consoles. I’m seeing Sonic is going through hard times though. Shame since both were so big in my childhood. It is interesting when you get the ‘wrong console’. I was in college when a friend bought me an Xbox and a game that I couldn’t figure out. Before we went back to our different colleges, he was telling me that he always wanted and Xbox. He was ‘stuck’ with a Gamecube, which is what I wanted. So we switched. Not sure which game I got with the Gamecube though. It wasn’t Mario. Guess we both won on that one even if it was an awkward conversation.

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    • Ah I’ve never done a console switch! That sounds like so much fun. But, you know, I did end up enjoying the Saturn quite a bit, especially the “Virtua” series of games. And the graphics. The graphics were, I think, ahead of the their time.


  2. My parents were pretty on point with that stuff. Though I do remember that Simpsons episode when Bart wanted Bonestorm, but got that Golfing game instead.

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  3. The only time I can remember when I did not get the gift I wanted when it is realted to video games is the time I received a wrestling game on my gameboy for xmas. I hated wrestling and it was far from what I was asking for. I think I lied and said I liked it, but oh well.. They made up for it in 2000 when I got my N64 and Tony Hawk game!

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  4. martianoddity

    I didn’t have that problem really, but I remember wanting Bomberman 64 but not getting any games from my parents that christmas, instead my sisters bought us Pilotwings 64, which was awesome in its own right, so I didn’t mind, as it was really fun!

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  5. For x-mas I opened a gift and it was a GameCube controller. I was stoked because I thought I got a GameCube. Turns out they meant to get me another controller for my n64 >_<

    Eventually I did get a gamecube…never used it much tho…


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