Why I Love Video Game Podcasts

I live alone.

Wow that might be the loneliest sentence I’ve ever written. I mean, look at it; it’s just sitting there without anything to keep it company.

Anyway, I discovered video game podcasts vaporize loneliness when I’m cleaning the washroom, washing pots, and waiting for dinner to cook. These podcasts do it all. They’re heavy lifters.

Sometimes they make me laugh. Sometimes I learn a random fact about the world. And sometimes they tell me about, believe it or not, video games. Here are three video game podcasts that keep me happy after a day of the doldrums.

1. Giant Bombcast

I started listening to these guys during their 2011 E3 coverage. Oh, boy, did they ever have excellent coverage. Well, their coverage suited my needs at that time. See, I was writing a major essay in university and had papers flying everywhere. Their E3 podcasts, which were over 3 hours long, helped me to laugh and kept me entertained while I worked. It was perfect in the background.

I fell in love with the show because they would talk about great games across all consoles and the PC. Then I could learn more about the games while watching a Quick Look video.

The cast has changed over the years–RIP Ryan–but they work well together. What makes me say that? Well, I can listen to their three-hour podcasts, and my ears are still hungry for more.
Oh, and I love when they share weird listener emails!

2. Podcast Beyond

Greg Miller, Colin Moriarty and an ever rotating series of guests host IGN’s Podcast Beyond, an ode to everything PlayStation. Wait! It’s a bit complicated. See, Greg and Colin left IGN to work on their own project, but they still do this podcast. I’m hoping they still do it for a long time.

I like this podcast because of the hosts’ personalities. Colin and I share a love of history, he reminds me of several people I know, and he gets along with well Greg. And Greg Miller makes this podcast something special. His intense enthusiasm for PlayStation is legendary, and his sense of humor makes the podcast unique.

The podcast is so good that I even listened to it before owning a PlayStation 3. Beyond!

3. The Game Informer Show

For me,  the Game Informer Show, compared to the other podcasts, is a lot more sober and serious. They don’t usually make me laugh at all. They don’t usually have weird but funny listener emails. And they don’t have strange outbursts and a stand out sense of humor.

But I love when they do special edition podcasts. In these episodes, they usually interview a developer about their upcoming game. And Game Informer staff will share the listeners’ questions with the developer. It’s always great to hear secrets about a game maker’s upcoming project. A very exciting episode type guaranteed to raise your excitement for a game. It’s a pleasure to listen to this podcast.

What are some of your favourite video game podcasts? I admit it: I don’t know them all, but I keep an open mind. Also, what are some of your favourite video game podcasts on WordPress.com? Feel free to plug your own show!


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8 responses to “Why I Love Video Game Podcasts

  1. what about Roosterteeth’s The Patch? An hour of game news (even if some is incorrect) and it’s entertaining. Comes in both audio and video forms.

    Like GI show and tried Beyond (not much into PS topics) but haven’t heard of Giant bombcast. I’ll give it a listen

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    • Thank you! 🙂 I will definitely subscribe to the podcasts you mentioned and give them a listen. I’m aware of Roosterteeth’s videos on YouTube.

      I’m going to need new podcasts since I don’t intend to get a PS4 and will probably stop listening to Beyond.


      • after reading this post I looked into the whole quitting ign out of curiosity and I actually really got into their other podcast, GameOverGreggy, and their new gaming podcast Kinda Funny Gamescast (only listened to ep1 of this one so far). So if you’re done with Beyond but like the personalities you should hop over to their new stuff

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        • Thanks again! Yeah, I had already looked into their decision to leave IGN and downloaded their new podcasts. Have yet to listen, but I plan on doing it because I did like their banter and personalities.


  2. The Otaku Judge

    Gaming podcasts are great for keeping up with news, especially if the hosts are charismatic. I listen to RPGFan, Rage Select and Gameburst.

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  3. I haven’t delved into the world of podcasts, but experience the same as you with the “alone” thing. I tend to watch YouTube videos to deal with it. I particularly like CPG Grey (History), Vlogbrothers and their other channel Crash course (all topics and education), VSauce (Science/Education) WheezyWaiter (Randomness) and IGN for gaming.
    I like learning new things it really helps my brain, and think YouTube is a great resource for learning. 🙂
    I’ll have to check out the podcasts you mentioned.

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    • Those all sound great. and I’m going to look at them when I get a chance. Thanks for the suggestions. 🙂

      Yeah, I usually watch YouTube game channels to glance at game walkthroughs. I like podcasts so much because I can have them on in the background while I do chores.


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