I am not Going to Talk about Video Games

People might say I talk on and on about video games until I fall down and fall asleep.

They might be right and this time I’m gonna change.

I’m not going to mention those words once…starting now.

But–gosh–you know I tend to babble on like a brook.

There’s no room for others’ small thoughts

sometimes I even interrupt myself during a…Wait! What’s that sound?

Oh, just a bird

Because my voice drones on about leveling up as if nothing happened.

People hear all about what it’s like

to stay up until the birds start chirping

while I save the universe with a controller in my hand and my eyes magnetized toward a screen.

They don’t want that.

They don’t want me to talk about extra lives or one ups.

Forget game over screen and difficultly settings.

“They are too violent and bloody”

“They warp your mind.”

Others don’t want to hear about speed runs or how you charged through a hail of bullets without a scratch or splinter.

Zombies and shovels are in, right?

Oh, can’t mention them, sorry.

New consoles and specs that make grains of sand visible

You better believe that’s unmentionable

Oh well, at least they let me play, even if I can talk about it.

There! I did it. I didn’t babble on endlessly, and I’m pretty sure I didn’t mention video games, right?

This silly post started with a simple idea: I would promise not to talk about something and then spend the entire post discussing it—in a roundabout way.


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8 responses to “I am not Going to Talk about Video Games

  1. I find it silly when video games are classified as an inferior sort of entertainment. I don’t mean to invalidate their concerns when I say I find it hard to understand them… I just genuinely can’t wrap my head around it :/

    I think the stigma may center around the image of a typical gamer in the minds of most people. Things are changing now but video games have historically seem to have been marketed most aggressively towards impulsive adolescents. And although responsible people were definitely playing those same games, they’re not the ones showing up on the news. Only the irresponsible do.

    And I guess the facts that games offer a challenge and a learning curve don’t make it easier for people to gain first-hand knowledge and the understanding that video games aren’t harmful like some people say they are.

    Did reading books for pleasure once have the same stigma, back when not everyone knew how to read? It would be interesting to compare the growth-pains of video games and other media. Video games as a whole are just very young. I don’t think we’ll be having these problems for long.

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    • I agree! And very well-written.

      Yes, we can find many instances of people despising new and different forms of popular culture. “Movies” and jazz were once derided as cheap thrills and unwelcome kitschy cultural exports from the U.S. Hopefully, video games will not, as you say, have “these problems for long.”

      I feel like you should write a post to expand upon your comment. Sounds like a view that you feel strongly about. 🙂

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      • Thank you for the kind words =) Ironically, when I read my comment over after having posted it, I was really bothered by the mistakes I made in it. It was 4am or so when I wrote it, if I recall correctly.

        As for writing a whole post about the topic… Hmm. All I know is that gaming is an art form that just isn’t very widely understood right now. I do feel strongly about it but that’s about all I have to say, haha.

        Thanks for the suggestion though, I am in great need to get back into a writing groove.


  2. Hah, great post. Very unique.

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