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Imagine You’re An Unopened Video Game on Christmas

What would that feel like? What would happen?

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Share Your Video Games with Everyone

Do video games bring you joy? They are more than mere fun for many because they are challenging, they can leave one with a sense of accomplishment, and they can be one’s life’s work. But I suspect video games bring us even more joy: they help us to love one another.

Video games, contrary to some stereotypes, can have a strong social aspect. This social aspect is not guaranteed, of course, but one can find many instances of it. Many of us play video games with friends while lounging on a coach. Some of us co-operate with or compete against friends in online games, and sometimes we talk about games to each other. This social aspect of video games should be obvious.

This social aspect does not necessarily occur to earn money. I can invite a friend to sit on my couch, play a game and not charge admission. We probably do not loan games to friends to get rich fast, and sometimes we battle against strangers online to emerge victorious, not to drown in money. We can think of many reasons why we play video games with others and enjoy their company while we play. We might feel lonely, we might want to catch up with friends, and we might want to share something incredible that we have. This desire to share something we have that others do not — without the promise of financial reward — is what interests me.

I encourage all of you to share your video games with others, especially the less fortunate. Share because you love your fellow human beings, not because you might gain some recognition. Do you have anything to share? Many of us are fortunate enough to collect games we hope to play some day. However, we should not hoard games if we are reasonably certain we will not have time to play them. Instead, we could bring a smile to the face of a person who does not have anything to play. Better yet, we could play the game with them and share the gift of ourselves with the other person.

Of course, video games are not necessary to love one another, and these objects should never consumer our relationships. Yet, video games could be a great way to show your love, to care about others and to spend time with them. Take the time to share your video games.

Do you have any stories of times you shared video games and what happened? Inspire your fellow readers. 


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Did You Get the Wrong Gift?

When I was younger, I begged my dad for a SNES. I was a desperate citizen–of a household–pleading his case before a steel willed magistrate (read: my father). In support of my case, I said the console was cheaper than ever because it had been out for so long. Besides, my big brother wanted it too. If big brothers are good for anything, they’re good at adding supplementary premises in support of an argument for obtaining a new home entertainment system. Or so I thought.

Imagine my minor disappointment after unwrapping a new Sega Saturn on Christmas. Well, I didn’t complain after unwrapping such an expensive system.

Instead, I set-up the console downstairs and played Virtua Fighter for hours. It was fun. It just didn’t have the games that what I wanted.

Now, the Sega Saturn boasted great graphics for its time. It had some great games as I’m sure many of its most ardent fans will note. It was not a bad system, though it was later a commercial failure.

And my dad tried his best and did good research when he bought the Saturn. He thought it was a better gift than the SNES after a salesman boasted about Sega’s amazing new system. I imagine the salesman probably said, “SNES? The Sega Saturn is the wave of the future. Every kid wants it.” Well, that salesman was not much of a psychic.

You know, there are more important values in life than mere objects. One of these many values is appreciating what you have. Another is respect and love for others who care for us even when they make small mistakes, like my dad. A final is sharing your gifts with others, like I did when I played Saturn with my brother and friends.

Sometimes we don’t like what life offers us at first. But look closer. You could have a neglected gift that brings happiness to both you and others. Sometimes you just have to be thankful and grateful for the gifts you’re given.


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Video Games and Gratitude

Many of us sat down and gorged ourselves on turkey this year. We are lucky and hopefully grateful.

I’m grateful for all the people in my life and what I can do for others. I’m grateful for so many things in my life that have nothing to do with this blog.

But I want to take a break from the serious business of living life to talk about games now. Of course I’m grateful to have games in my life. My face lights up like a Christmas tree as soon as I think about them.

I started to reflect on feeling grateful about video games, and I came up with a list.

1. Time and money to play and blog about games

I’m grateful and lucky to have both spare time and money. This blog exists because I have spare time.

I’m also grateful for the moments where I’m bored because they give me a chance to write. I’ve said it before: boredom is a blessing!

2. The gift that keeps on giving

You can keep playing a great game and never tire of it. If the downloadable content (DLC) is a fair price, it becomes like a cherry on top of a great cake.

I also hope that games could provoke discussion about problems in our world and potential solutions. That would be a gift that gives more than mere entertainment.

3. Games help me relax

Some days I look at a clock so often that I swear my head will fall off. After that, I love to open up a game, let it breath and consume it. Playing helps me unwind and brings joy into my life, even when I’m feeling blue.

4. So much choice

I can choose between games made by one person and games made by a large studio. I can go through lists of genres. I can find games with high artistic merit. I can find games on sale. I’m so lucky.

5. Game prices

Video games prices have fallen with time. It’s hard not to be happy about that.

But what am I most grateful to video games for? For the joy they bring me. I take that with me and try to share that feeling with everyone I meet—gamer or not. One cannot number something this important.

Why are you grateful to have video games in your life?


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