What Was He Thinking?!

I can still remember the old school. No, not fat gold chains swinging around necks and Run-D.M.C. blasting from over-sized grey stereos. I meant my old elementary school days.

And those were the days. Recess, baseball, munching vegetables–which I happened to like–and time to play video games. Not a care in the world.  Though some of us should have cared a bit more about running afoul of the teacher’s law.

And that brings me to something odd that I saw in, oh, let’s say grade six. Picture any old elementary school classroom.

The teacher wore a stern look on her face as she stood at the front of the class and gestured at the board. It was math time. Somehow she would have all the numbers add up to something important.

Meanwhile, Mike, one of the kids in my grade six class, decided to do something else. He swiftly pulled out his Game Boy color from his desk. Now, he tried a little to hide what he was about to do because he placed the Game Boy in his lap and turned it on. But then he, a person with fine hearing, deliberately chose to roll the volume dial to the highest level.

Mike played for up to five seconds with the volume at the highest level and didn’t turn it down. The Pokémon music then flooded the classroom. It was impossible to miss, and the teacher was awake enough to notice.  Well, the teacher made sure his game over screen would come sooner rather than later.

“Michael! Give me that,” she snapped.

She swiped the Game Boy and tossed it into her desk drawer, a secure fortress that sixth graders never dared to open.

Mike’s face grew long, his eyebrows peaked and his mouth fell open. He looked at us, his classmates, in disbelief. Presumably, the teacher’s actions surprised him.

But I was more bewildered. If you’re going to do a job, do it right. I mean, if he was trying to get away with playing video games during class, why would he play with the volume at the highest possible level? What was he thinking?!

Note: I have never attempted to play a game during class. But how would you have–or how did you–sneak video games into the classroom? How did that work out for you?


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16 responses to “What Was He Thinking?!

  1. The Otaku Judge

    I never tried playing a handheld in class. It’s just asking for it to be confiscated.

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  2. I never attempted that. Though I remember the days of those Tiger Handheld games, which didn’t have any volume control. So there was no chance of getting away with it. Hope the teacher turned the Gameboy off and didn’t waste the batteries. Or that he got to save first since it was Pokemon.

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  3. V

    My brother used to play his Gameboy during mass when he was made to go to church. No volume, of course, but he never hid it, either. I always found that highly amusing.

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  4. Never played anything in class, which I was never big on hand helds that much. I do however remember playing The Oregon Trail in computer class lol, but we was able to do so.

    When I got in middle school, I’d sneak and play Runescape in typing class. Got caught a few times, but she’d never really say much.

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  5. martianoddity

    I never played video games during class, but my Tamagotchi (or My Little Puppy to be more correct, with FOUR buttons!!) started to beep during class, even though I was sure I had turned the sound off! It was confiscated at the speed of light and when I got it back at the end of the day the puppy had up and left, wearing a bag on a stick telling me “Good Bye!”. I felt awful for forgetting to turn the sound off, but what was worse was that even a digital being considered my handling of it being sub par. I was really upset, which is a great overreaction I understand as I’m typing this.

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    • Ah that’s sucks but it still makes more sense then Mike’s decision to turn up the volume while trying to hide his Game Boy session. I had a Tamagotchi too but I don’t remember ever taking it to class.

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  6. I was terrified of having my things taken away by the teacher, so no, I never tried to play my favorite Donkey Kong Jr. Game N’ Watch in class. I did show it to my friends on the playground though.

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    • Yeah Mike introduced me to Pokemon on the playground. He seemed like a pretty sensible kid. I still don’t know why he thought it was a good idea to hide it but turn up the volume during class. The whole thing makes me laugh and shake my head lol.

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  7. I have an important question which Pokemon was it and also if you check out my blog ?


  8. Haha… like martianoddity commented, I got in trouble for playing with my Tamagotchi in 6th grade! I always brought it to school with me, but kept it well hidden in my locker and checked on it between classes. For some reason one day, I brought it into the classroom, where it promptly started beeping when the classroom was silent. All I could say to the teacher was “Oops.” 😉


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