If Video Game Glitches Occurred in Life

What happens when you bump into a glitch while walking around in a video game?  You might lose interest even if you previously felt like you couldn’t stop playing. You might throw your controller if the glitch breaks your game. Or you might laugh. And maybe there’s other reactions you can name. But what if video game glitches happened in your life?

Yes, you’d react with surprise to such a startling discovery. Then maybe you’d react with anger, laughter, joy or disgust, and more just like you would in a game. Let’s look  closer at some case studies.

1. Your hammer winds up to knock the final nail into your spice rack. Alas your innocent thumb stands in the way with nothing to save it from the pain. Then the glitch strikes: the hammer freezes. The tool has spared your poor thumb the pain of a savage wallop. “Thank you video games for invading my life,” you think, “you make everything better, including stupid mistakes.”

2. You’re stuck in the middle of an awkward social situation, say arguing with a difficult person. There’s no time for a graceful exit here, no sir. Should you bow out now or dig in for a futile battle?

Naturally, you jump over 1000 feet into the air while slowly twirling, and then you land without a thud next to your car in the parking lot. I guess you didn’t know your own strength. Or maybe the Skyrim-like glitch helped.

3. A massive meteor, with the potential to make the dinosaur extinction look like a warmup, is looming over the planet. The meteor threatens to flatten everything into pancakes. And then it does.

Except you survive and go on to play years worth of video games. Okay, maybe one of the hairs on your head ripped out during impact. Wait, on closer inspection, it seems collision detection was working for everyone but you. Someone up there is looking out for you.

5.  You go to the store to buy video games. But what’s this? You open your dusty wallet only to find cobwebs in place of crisp bills.

Open it again 52 times while jumping and occasionally doing somersaults. Now that same wallet is overflowing with generic video game gold coins — and some chocolate ones too. In fact, you’re bank account value is stuck at $9999 and that number never dips. Thanks video games!

What video game glitches do you wish occurred in life?


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6 responses to “If Video Game Glitches Occurred in Life

  1. I was always a fan of the ‘no clipping’ stuff. Just walk through a wall and come out the other side. Though the idea of real life glitches made me think about getting sick. Those are kind of like glitches if you think about it. Healthy one minute and feel like you’re dying the next.

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  2. The Otaku Judge

    Item duping would be great. Falling through the floor could also come in handy when you do something daft and want to hide away in embarrassment.

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