5 Things I Wish I had More Time for

1. I wish I had more time to write stories, but I get distracted by the activities mentioned in this post.

2. Video games. Oh, boy, do I ever love them!

3. Writing cool lists and sharing them with others.

4. Blog posts. Sometimes I never finish.


I sat down to finish this post but…. Oh great a packed sink and dishwasher mean there’s no clean dishes left. Bummer! I’d clean them now but I’m so sleepy, could use a nap. Yeah, a nap will help me finish this post but better do dishes first.

Maybe I’ll finish if I pad this post with “blah blah blah”; then I’ll reach the minimum word count, like an elementary school essay. But that won’t work. Argh! Will I ever finish?



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6 responses to “5 Things I Wish I had More Time for

  1. No clean dishes left? That’s when I order pizza, haha.

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  2. p2d2

    You speak fact, sir! And I applaud you….once I muster the strength to do so…so….tired….zzzzZZZzz

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  3. The struggle is real. Especially if you have kids! Can’t wait till mine is old enough to help me with my shockingly similar list of things I wish I had more time for.

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