7 Signs You’re a Non Gamer

1. You vaguely recall seeing swarms of people packed into dimly lit arcades in days gone by. You’re sure they always had their quarters ready to start a new game. One day, years later, you see a “Games” folder on your computer and start jamming quarters into the disc tray.

2. You heard about an advertisement for “gamer fuel.” You decided to get some for your new console. So you went down to the station to get some gasoline.

3. Your friends say they decided to skip work to play the latest AAA video game. You thought a AAA game had something to do with getting a  broken down car out of the mud.

4. Your friends grab the magic mushrooms in Mario games and encourage you to do the same. You’re afraid the mushrooms are wild, deadly and possibly psychedelic. And you’re pretty sure this is peer pressure.

5. You spend more time playing with the box that your console came in than with the console itself. You might also be a baby — babies are known to do this after all.

6. You thought the disc tray in a video game console was a coaster.

7. When your friend said he loved to play with Mario and Luigi, you thought he loved spending time with your Italian cousins.

What other signs are there that one is a non gamer?


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8 responses to “7 Signs You’re a Non Gamer

  1. I have seen #4 in action, but apparently the person was actually on mushrooms and freaking out when it happened. As far as non-gamer stuff, I keep thinking about how most games are designed more for multi-player and on-line stuff. That feels more like it’d be for an old, retired gamer than someone who never played them in the first place.

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    • Wow that must of have been a very strange and funny story… I have noticed an emphasis on multiplayer in many video games. I find myself much more interested in single player as I age.


      • It was rather awkward at the time because we didn’t know what was going on. Made some of us really paranoid about the beer we were drinking. With the popularity of games like ‘Destiny’ and that one with the big robots that’s pretty much ONLY multiplayer, I tend to feel like I’m too anti-social for video games. I never see commercials for anything like the old ‘God of War’ and ‘Prince of Persia’ stuff. Those non-FPS action games must be under the radar or gone. No idea since I’ve been out of the loop for years.

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        • Wow funny story :)… Yes I’m not terribly interested in multiplayer only games. I play platformers and adventure games (Ratchet and Clank, Sly Cooper, etc.), “indie” games (Steam can be great for that), strategy games and anything that looks and plays great (ex: Journey.) One can find excellent non-FPS games, but it might take some effort.


  2. The Otaku Judge

    Non gamers may report RPG fans to the authorities. Rocket propelled grenades should not be used by youngsters.

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