When Technology Lets You Down

Outside, young bodies were in motion on a day so sunny that sunglasses and smiles were mandatory. Everyone rode bicycles, roller-bladed and seemed to celebrate.

It’s broken.

Outside, a child ran, skipped and munched loudly on sweet corn on the cob.

It’s broken.

Outside, people danced, popped open champagne bottles and roared with laughter.

It’s broken!

Indoors, the insides of the box stopped working. My video game console wheezed, coughed and croaked last generation. Future generations: don’t put your faith in technology.

What’s the worst problem you’ve ever had with a video games console?


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2 responses to “When Technology Lets You Down

  1. The Otaku Judge

    I haven’t had many problems, as older consoles are pretty sturdy. The only machine I ever had to replace was a PS2. The story may have been different if I were an Xbox fan. Those systems were plagued with red rings of death.

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