If I Was a Console

If I was a console

What would I see?

Hopefully nothing illegal that would force me to rat out my adopted family.

The wet smacking sounds accompanying kisses of love,

a medpack to revive a fallen comrade on the battlefield

the screaming, booming, hatred from the online world

violence and death

heaps of scorn and blame

the worst and the best, the lowest valleys of humanity and the highest peaks of wisdom.


Crying! Tear of joy

Embers burning in their eyes, lava spewing out of their mouths

Friends green with jealousy at my stack of great games.

Turning on to share in their joys

and provide them fun in my meager way

an excuse for me to play video games all day?

no, to serve exciting games on a tray for others to consume

playing vicariously through the players.

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