Playing Video Games in His Dreams

Joe always had grey hair. Some say this was because he was always wise beyond his years. He would try to find out what he didn’t know and made time to learn new things. He was a deep thinker who dove into murky questions and didn’t resurface until he found the answer. He always loved to share the treasures and wisdom he discovered with others.

For Joe, helping others was his true calling in life. He donated his time and money to people and groups that needed his help. He had welcomed many refugees to his community and into his home. Somehow he found time to do all this even though he was so busy.

One day, Joe got up early to walk his dog, he mended his neighbour’s broken fence, and he read a collection of rare books. He cleared the shed and garage. He wrote an eloquent essay on the nature of love and made dinner for friends. Then the old man sat down on his couch to play video games, a hobby he had loved all his life.

On the couch, he grabbed the controller, and became excited to play. He turned on the TV as one eye struggled to stay open before shuttering.  Then the other eye gave in and collapsed. He fell asleep as if been up all night the day before studying for final exams. The TV screen had a sea salt and freshly ground black pepper wallpaper appearance, and it gave off a deafening, crackling sound, but Joe didn’t notice. He finally got to play video games — in his dreams.

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