Should I Have Bought More Video Games?

The video game knows I wanted to buy more in the store. The game know I have regrets about my shopping last week. It taunts me, and it tests my resolve every time I near the store.

I try to look away, but the game beckons me to gaze at it, to long to buy it, to play it. It dazzles me with bright colours, fancy packaging and maybe even a neon green discount sticker. I understand what’s happening, and I decide not to buy more games now. I hold my head high and look straight ahead at the road before me.

I walk down the road that isn’t filled with a love things but a love of other people; no matter who they are. I’m on my way down the road while reflecting on how grateful I am for this life. This isn’t the time to think about buying more games.


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6 responses to “Should I Have Bought More Video Games?

  1. The Otaku Judge

    I wish I had your willpower. A game clothed in a discount sticker is almost as seductive as a lingerie clad lady.

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  2. Amen. From your blog to the world’s ears.

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  3. LightningEllen

    I have no time to play them and they keep piling up, but I must buy more!

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