I’m Hopeful about Video Games

Aliens take over Earth. Ants enslave human begins and force us to dig tunnels. A cruel tyrant ascends to a throne covered in his victim’s blood.

Video games offer us hope. Even when the future seems dark, the player can turn on a flashlight and make everything brighter. The player can thwart evil and restore balance to the game world. The player can solve any problem.

But video games should remind us violence and aggression cannot solve our problems. Our world needs this reminder.


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13 responses to “I’m Hopeful about Video Games

  1. leonrdo117

    Often in video games, as well as other mediums, great violence is merely a front for a deeper message: good will always triumph over evil. Strong points you bring up here.

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  2. Well said. The world definitely needs this reminder…

    Just like providing cable TV may lower pregnancy rates (ha!), maybe providing immersive games will give people an outlet for their anger and teach them a thing or two in the process, as leonrdo117 alluded to.

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  3. LightningEllen

    One of my biggest reasons for liking video games is that they give me a world I can save. I want to save ours too, but it’s impossible…

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