The Next Big Thing in Video Games

Oh, you think the next big video game thing is virtual reality? Guess again, pal.

This new thing is completely wireless, completely disc-less and completely machine-free. We send you a spandex outfit. Yes, you become the video game character.

Try it on and try it out this Christmas!


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17 responses to “The Next Big Thing in Video Games

  1. LightningEllen

    I tried real life once. The graphics were lame and the NPCs were all jerks. I haven’t tried the spandex version yet though.

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  2. steviegill (cakeisaliegaming)

    I still waiting for body augmentations and neural sockets, so we can just jack right into the matrix.

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  3. Now I’m picturing running around town dressed as someone from Dragon Age, swinging a sword.
    …please enjoy responsibly? haha

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  4. The Otaku Judge

    I hope the spandex game is easier than Dark Souls. I don’t think I would survive long otherwise.

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  5. I’m not against a real life Skyrim or Dragon Age :).

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  6. Okay, but if you think I’m doing Contra, you can forget about it!

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