I’ve Lost My Video Game Memory

I climbed up a mountain until every muscle in my body ached. I collapsed and camped out while waiting for a blizzard to pass before I could continue. Then I set out for the mountain peak. I nearly froze, but I reached the top feeling full of joy as I planted my flag. From the peak, I surveyed the land around me: I saw the highs and lows of the world. Yet I didn’t see my memory card. Then I climbed down and even rolled down the mountain for a while after tripping without getting a scratch on me.

I wandered far away until I reached verdant hills and unspoiled skies. I saw trees above and below me in a beautiful valley. I looked high and low in the valley but couldn’t find my Nintendo memory card.

I left the valley for more exotic lands. There were no more trees and no more frosty mountain peaks to scale. Cold winds would no longer hold me back or turn me into a snowman. In place of mountains, I found tall pyramids and mounds of sand. The hot sand stung my feet and made me wish I could majestically soar above the desert instead of trudging through it on foot. I reach the tallest pyramid with toasty soles, and I scanned all around me. But I still couldn’t find it.

Has anyone seen my Nintendo memory card? I’ve lost my video game memories.

Have you ever lost a memory card or the save files for a video game you loved, and what was your experience like?


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18 responses to “I’ve Lost My Video Game Memory

  1. Imtiaz Ahmed

    I’ve lost a 100% completion save of Maria 64, happened when my brother and I got in a fight and that was his form of payback. Wasn’t hurt too much by this because the game was finished.

    The one that really hurt was bring only 1 or 2 boss fights away from the end of FF8. My brother was having trouble on a much earlier boss and needed my help gearing his crew out. So I played with gear and magic and ended up saving his game over mine…

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  2. LightningEllen

    I haven’t yet but it is my greatest fear. Good luck on your epic quest to find yours! You can do it 🙂

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  3. I’ve surprisingly never lost a save file (although I thought I lost a 45-hour-in Dragon Age: Origins file once, but it was luckily only a game glitch that required a restart). I hope if I ever did lose a file, my journey to find it would be as epic as yours! Good luck!!

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  4. Chris Scott

    I can’t say it was for a game I loved but I very clearly remember losing my save file to Final Fantasy VIII when I was on the final disc. I already wasn’t in love with the game but the mem card going bad killed it outright for me. I haven’t returned since, although I keep saying that I will someday.

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  5. I once lost my (almost completed) save file for Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy’s Kong Quest for the SNES because my cousin borrowed the game and accidentally deleted it! I also lost all my PS1 save files due to a corrupted memory card. Sad times 😦

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  6. This reminds me of the time when I put in almost 150 hours maxing out my characters and beating all the optional bosses in Final Fantasy X… only to have all that progress lost when I overwritten my save file by accident when I wanted to start a new game… 😦

    I learned a valuable lesson there: always back up your game saves lol.

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