It’s Going to Be a Long Day

While searching for crystal shards, I wondered around in circles for hours because I didn’t have a map. The map cost 1000 shards. I have 10 shards.


I finally came to a new door and path, but I couldn’t enter it because I forgot the skeleton key. The skeleton key is back where I started.


I went to save the princess, but she was in another castle.


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9 responses to “It’s Going to Be a Long Day

  1. The Otaku Judge

    The second one reminds me of some old adventures that limited how many items you could carry. Somehow I always had a knack for dropping objects miles away from where they need to be used.

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  2. True story, man. Especially that second one. I always seem to miss important items *way* back at the beginning of a level.

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    • The worst! I’m really annoyed when you find a cool new area, but you can’t go through yet because you need a key or magic is blocking your way. I wish they wouldn’t tease me with colorful new areas.

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  3. The struggles of gaming! 🙂

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