Why I Love The Super Mario Galaxy Games

Why do I love these games? I find it difficult to concisely explain all the reasons, but I’ll try. I mostly love the games because of their worlds, including the art and music.

Of course, the gameplay was excellent and attracted my attention. The game started simple and gradually became challenging. It never felt unfair. I could master the rhythm and jumps, beat the game and feel like I accomplished something. Then, if I felt like a challenge, I could find purple coins throughout the worlds. However, I didn’t keep playing β€” didn’t fall in love β€” merely to overcome a challenge, an uphill climb.

I enjoyed the sights and sounds along the walk. The worlds in the Super Mario Galaxy games are beautiful. The music helped to make the worlds worth exploring. The music was lush, grand and at times orchestral. It was grand enough to inspire me to be a hero and keep playing. The music also had bleeps and bloops, perhaps a nod to the past, that provided a spacey atmosphere. The developers created a good marriage of sound and world. I felt like I was in another galaxy full of whimsy and joy.

The bright colours of the worlds enticed me to travel and traverse them. Even the enemies were cool, colourful and demanded attention. This emphasis on colour, fun and whimsical music was refreshing. The Galaxy games weren’t trying hard to be a “mature” and bloody Hollywood blockbuster. The Galaxy games weren’t grey and depressing. They were transcendent as they took me to another realm of beauty and colour. The beauty of these games even cheered me up when I was sad.

Yes, the games made me happy, and they left me in awe. The change of perspective while walking around a three-dimensional planet, full of colourful plants and creatures, was incredible. I’ll never forget touching down on the first world and then realizing I could walk around the whole thing. What an experience!

The worlds remined me of planets from the story The Little Prince. You know, the ones where the prince meets adults living in their own little worlds. Wait, I figured out why I love the Galaxy games so much. They’re joyful and don’t take life too seriously.


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12 responses to “Why I Love The Super Mario Galaxy Games

  1. Chris Scott

    “the games made me happy, and they left me in awe.”

    This about sums up my feelings on the Galaxy games as well. They are such a pure joy to play and two of the best games ever made.

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  2. One of my favourite games of all time!

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  3. I have only played the first Super Mario Galaxy game, so I cannot comment on the second. The game very joyful and whimsical, with bright colours and cheerful music. I remember one galaxy (I cannot remember the name of it) had a planet filled with water and a giant skeletal monster, which was possibly the only scary part of the game. I remember having a similar experience when first playing. I was used to falling off platforms when I ran to the edge in games, so it was really weird when Mario simply remained standing on the planet, but at a different angle.
    What were the highlights of the games? What levels were the most memorable? Did you feel the power-ups in this game were better or worse than other Mario games?

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    • Good questions! I didn’t want this post to be a review. I wanted to reflect on how the gameplay, music and art made me feel joyful and happy. I haven’t played the games for several years, so I’m working mostly from faint memory, not details.

      One highlight I remember is the one of the first, if not the first, bosses in the first Galaxy. I think it was a giant monster plant with a tail that you had to hit. You had to traverse the 3D planet to avoid the boss’s attacks and waggle the wii mote to attack his tail. I believe the music became intense as I was running away.

      While I was running, I was taking in the 3D world. The boss was both horrible and beautiful because of his design and the quality of the art. Everything came together nicely in this scene.


  4. The Mario Galaxy games are incredible. I didn’t get to play them until recently because I never owned the Wii. Everything from the level design and gameplay mechanics to the musical score is perfection. Easily my favorite Mario games to date. Hoping Odyssey can top them.

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  5. Great post! I loved the Super Mario Galaxy games. Like you, I loved the soundtrack, the beautiful graphics, the fun and sometimes challenging gameplay… they are awesome games!

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  6. It irked me that they confuse “galaxy” with “planetary system” (solar system).
    Get the science right Mario!

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