Why Do You Play Video Games?

I don’t think I’ve ever asked you this question. Please tell me. It would be exciting to see many different reasons.


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38 responses to “Why Do You Play Video Games?

  1. I play because I’ve always played. Video games help when you need a break from life and they’re super fun. I play to be around friends that I have met throughout the years too.


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  2. Release. Escape. Story. So many reasons!

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  3. I don’t play video games… they play me!!

    Just joking. It’s a pastime I’ve enjoyed for almost 30 years now and has provided me with endless hours of fun and engagement from a kid to adulthood. These days, it’s a wonderful form of escapism, but as a cultural person video games also add an extra layer to the books I read, films I watch, and music I listen to. For me, they all add up to understanding the human condition and where I’m going in my life.

    I also like shouting “Noobie scum!!!!” at noobs. It’s proper LOLz.

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  4. To relax and have adventures I can’t have in the real world 😀

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  5. JR

    The reason why I play games have changed through my life. I find that when I was younger I enjoyed more action oriented games, not that I still don’t, however I find an engaging story to be increasingly important to me. I want a narrative that hooks me and gets me invested in characters and their stories.

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  6. Loads of reasons, I guess. I grew up with Games, so that’s a big part of it, but in general, I think it’s the whole Active Media thing that makes them interesting and addictive. I can still lose myself in a book, but if I watch TV for more than a couple of hours straight, I start to become aware of the fact that I’m not *doing* anything – so, for me, I just find them more engaging and absorbing than passive media.

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  7. I play video games the same reason I read: to explore new places, meet new people, and take part of a life outside of my own. It’s a real case of being a gamer not because I don’t have a life, but because I want to have many.

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  8. LightningEllen

    To escape from this depressing world, have fun, and relieve stress. Video games give me worlds I can save and inspiring stories to live out 🙂

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  9. Chris Scott

    There are a variety of reasons I play games. I love the interactive nature of storytelling that games brings and they allow me to escape for a bit, just like a good book or movie might. I love to be able to decompress with a competitive game and as I’ve gotten older, time has become an issue so spending four-five hours at the hockey rink isn’t really feasible anymore but an hour of Halo might be. I like to be put my brain and reflexes to work in puzzle and platforming games. Games cover such a large swath of my entertainment needs and depending upon what I need at a certain time, they can do the trick.

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  10. It’s a great tool to escape this often complicated and invariably hard life.

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  11. I played games as a child to cope with bullying and teasing from other kids. I play games as an adult to immerse myself in the amazing stories and the beautiful worlds and to bring inspiration to my writing.

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  12. Man, I love all these answers. What a testament to the power and pull of video games. For me, it’s a combination of anxiety and an incredibly active imagination. Video games get me excited like nothing else does. The feeling of discovering a new world that you can actively inhabit and affect directly is intoxicating. Back when I was a kid, I feared that one day I would outgrow video games. Now that I’m an adult, I know I’ll be playing them as long as my body lets me. Watching games grow alongside myself has been fascinating and enlightening, and I wonder where that journey will lead us.

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  13. The Otaku Judge

    I like games because unlike other forms of entertainment it is interactive.

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  14. The most obvious answer is that I play video games for fun, but there’s something more, too.

    Beauty. Maybe I don’t have an informed opinion whether games are a form of art or not, but it’s clear you can find some art in almost every game. And I’m not talking about the visual side only, even if I always appreciate amazing landscapes or architecture. Be it the soundtrack, voice acting or writing, many games really give you a chance to experience beauty in various forms.

    Escapism. While I lead a peaceful, happy and absolutely unheroic life, I look for something completely different in my games. Heroism. Duty. Struggle. Sacrifice. Give me a plot and a player character which focus on such things and I may ignore that your game has bad graphics or clumsy controls.

    Reflexion. Yeah, well-written games can give you food for thought just like books or films. Just one example; Papers Please made me think a lot about the nature of totalitarianism and bureaucracy and their impact on the current condition of my country.

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  15. I’ve always loved playing video games because they are fun! They are a great form of escapism and I love diving into different worlds to do things that aren’t possible in real life.

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  16. For me it’s that escape where I can sit and focus on something really fun and not worry about the “real life” for how ever long I play for.

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  17. transfighter

    For the interaction, the feel like I am in control and that what I do affects what is going on.

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