How Do You Make Time to Play Video Games?

What’s your secret? I’m sure many people on the internet would like to know.


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18 responses to “How Do You Make Time to Play Video Games?

  1. The Otaku Judge

    One strategy I am trying is to wake up early. If I get out of bed at 4am I get a few hours to do stuff before work. The problem is that I get sleepy by 10pm, so I probably am not increasing my net gaming time.

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  2. Don’t have kids. Voila, gaming! Loads of free time. I usually leave it to the weekend then I have two full days to do whatever I want.

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  3. I know a lot of people who go home from work and stick the TV on; I often do that too but more often with games than with tv shows. Also, Sunday morning pancake breakfast plus gaming has become a tradition in my house!

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  4. I go to work early so I get home early and everyday I’ve got at least a hour of gaming.

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  5. Being single helps.

    But seriously, I actually schedule time in. I get up early so I can write in the mornings, and then I can unwind with a game before I go to bed. It *usually* works! haha

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  6. Being a single billionaire surely helps (I can’t understand why rich people waste their time for cocaine orgies or golf when they could be playing all the time).

    In my case, I just don’t watch almost any films or TV shows, unless I find them really interesting (please someone make a vidya adaptation of Narcos). This mean that I can spend more of my free time with games, the only problem is that I really love books and can’t give them up.

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  7. I usually play in bed when my wife’s asleep, but that’s mostly with handheld systems like the Switch. Sometimes though, when I got no current responsibilities to uphold, I’ll pop on a console and play while she does her own thing while sitting beside me (watching YouTube, reading, etc.).

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  8. I’m always so tired after work and then when I come home, I still have household chores so it makes it kind of tricky… but I try to at least make a little bit of time every day to play something, even if it’s just for a few minutes before bed. Typically on the weekends I have a little more time, so I’ll try to play a game that requires a little more of my focus then 🙂 I miss the days of being a kid and having hours on end to devote to games…

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