Who Is Your Video Game Nemesis? Part I

What video game character thwarts your every attempt to beat the game? Who dares to challenge your title to master of the universe? Why do they make you grind your teeth until they are sharper than diamonds?

Share your stories. And share your strategy, if you dare.


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16 responses to “Who Is Your Video Game Nemesis? Part I

  1. My pride. My pride is my enemy. While I can’t think of a specific character, every time I brag about being great at games while playing games, I inevitably start sucking right after. Be humble, friends.

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  2. LightningEllen

    I’m unstoppable!! 😎

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  3. Donkey Kong is my mortal enemy on Mario Kart…he just gets in the way. The amount of times I’ve just bounced off the big lummox and crashed off the course 😡

    Best way to combat DK is just to stay away from him, but he always seems to find a way to get in my way…

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  4. Kariyanine

    The memory card I used for Final Fantasy VIII that erased my save on the last disc. I’ve been so traumatized by that for 20 years that I’ve never really tried to defeat the game again.

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  5. My nemesis is the Vortex Queen from Ecco the Dolphin and Ecco the Dolphin: The Tides of Time. In the sequel, she had a tongue that can grab the player and pull them into her mouth. The tongue is very difficult to escape and usually results in the player desperately trying to break free while being pulled into her mouth. The version of the character in the original game can easily kill the player within seconds of them entering the level and the player cannot regenerate their health. Both versions of the boss also force the player to replay a level called “Welcome to the Machine” each time they are defeated.

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  6. I played a lot of Pokémon puzzle league back on the 64 and there was an awesome story mode where you’d go to each gym leader and challenge them. Being rather young at the time, the game was hard. I have faint horrors of LT. Surge whispering in my ear… “aw poor baby”. Bastard.

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  7. I really hate the last mission in Trauma Center: Second Opinion for the Wii. I thought the game was great up until that point, but that last part made me rage quit multiple times and I never ended up finishing it because it was awful and made me mad just thinking about it! Haha!

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