Who Is Your Video Game Nemesis? Part II

They sit on your couch, eat your Cheetos and beat you at your own game. All they leave behind, before they leave, are a high score, your tears and crumbs.

Who are the people in your life who you love even though they beat you at video games?



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3 responses to “Who Is Your Video Game Nemesis? Part II

  1. Kariyanine

    I don’t think I have any anymore. That of course is mostly because I’ve stopped playing fighting games because I was bad at them and I tend to be better at racers, shooters and sports games that I play with people now. Years ago though my best friend would rip me apart in Virtua Fighter.


  2. I don’t have one any more to be honest…now the years of Pro Evolution Soccer and Smackdown multiplayer are gone, so are the days of intense rivalry…


  3. My brothers. They would always insist on playing sports game, which I hated and was ineffectual at playing. We would also play the battle mode of Mario Kart 64, but they used an irritating tactic. They would wait until I had lost all my balloons and had turned into a moving Bob-omb, where one would use a star power-up and run over my character (meaning I could no longer join in without becoming harmed themselves). My part of the screen would then show their characters lining up to start jumping up and down and they would sing, instead of fighting.


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