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Here’s How I Fixed Up My Apartment

I wish I could enlarge my crowded apartment. But I can’t afford to pay for enlarging it. And I can barely draw a straight line, even with a ruler. How could I get the measurements right? I couldn’t.

Video games can solve my problem! I would need a home renovation simulator or something like The Sims. I could then enter the home-builder mode to add whatever I needed.

Maybe I’d build a skyscraper that skims the heavens and towers high above all other humans. The skyscraper’s shine would nearly blind people with its glittering gold trim. And the top of the tower would have a great eye-like object that would see everyone entering and leaving the skyscraper. And I would feel like a king.

On second thought, I’ll add this new spice rack. I’m thankful for what I have.


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